Nutribrex Pancakes Recipe GF

So, this is basically my original pancake recipe which is also amazing. But I felt like this needed to be shared as another way to have Nutribrex. Now, I hate to say this so I’m going to whisper this (I don’t really like Nutribrex as a Weetabix substitute) shhhhhh. I mean, they’re lovely used as an ingredient in other things (as I’ve learned from some other blogs – like just not with milk like you would normally have Weetabix. They leave a funny taste in my mouth… Anyway, they’re amazing in this recipe! (really selling myself here).

You’ll notice that my Nutribrex say ‘Nutribix’. They used to be called Nutrbix and have changed labelling since I bought this box… Obviously they’re a bit older than I thought… Oops… But when you look for these in the supermarket (Tesco sell them) they’ll be called Nutribrex. Glad I’ve cleared that up…

This recipe makes a relatively thick batter, compared to your standard pancake batter, and makes about 4 of my massive dinner-plate-sized pancakes. I’ve seen some recipes for this suggest you replace some of the flour with the Nutribrex, I’ll be honest, the first time I made these I forgot to minus some of my usual pancake flour so I just added in the Nutribrex anyway. And it turned out really well! Obvs did it on purpose… (I have since made them having substituted the flour but prefer them when the Nutribrex are just added on top of the flour).


110g plain gluten free flour blend – your own mix, any brand will do; I use Doves Farm

1 finely crumbled Nutribrex – If you use 2 I find that the mix becomes too thick, although you do get the flavour through a bit more

2 large eggs

200ml milk – dairy free milk will work

75ml water

2 tbsp of butter – this you can take or leave, I think it adds more to the flavour and consistency of the batter

Butter to grease your pan – you can use any oil/greasing method you like, I prefer butter as it increases the flavour

Any toppings you fancy!


First, sieve the flour into your mixing bowl. Add your finely crumbled Nutribrex then mix them together well with your hands.

When I say finely crumbled, I mean finely crumbled. You should spend a good few minutes crumbling them in between your fingers – you could use the bag and rolling pin method but it tends to give you a less consistent crumb, you have more control if you use your fingers.


Make a well in the centre of your flour and Nutribrex combo. Then crack your 2 eggs into the middle of it. Here, add the water to the milk, it makes it a thinner consistency and works better for the batter.


Whisk the eggs together and slowly incorporate the flour from the edges using the whisk. As you whisk, you will notice the batter start to get lumpy, slowly start to add a little bit of your milk and water combo at a time, while whisking. Keep going until all your milk and water has gone and you have incorporated all the flour from the edges. Your batter should be a smooth, runny consistency (with bits of Nutribrex in).


It looks a weeeeeny bit like vomit – but don’t let that put you off!

Next, melt your butter – 15-30 seconds in the microwave should do it. Err on the side of caution as you don’t want burnt butter, it doesn’t taste quite as nice! Add your melted butter to the batter and you’re ready to cook your pancakes!

Add roughly 1 tsp of your extra butter to an already-warming frying pan. Swirl it around the pan until it has all melted and coated the base of your pan. About three quarters of a ladleful is enough for my large pancakes. Slowly pour it in and swirl the pan again until the batter has covered the bottom.


If your pan is hot enough, your pancake shouldn’t take that long to cook (just a couple of minutes), but use your judgement. You’re looking for a lightly browned colour underneath. Once you’ve got this you need to flip your pancake over – whichever method you want to try! These pancakes tend to be a bit thicker than my standard pancakes, so take it easy when flipping.

Because most of your pancake will already be cooked, this side needs little more than 1 minute. Just enough to brown it off.

Once you’re all browned (I wish…) slide it out of the pan and onto a plate and you’re in business!

To cook the rest of your pancakes, use about half a teaspoon of butter to grease your pan. You need more of the first one as you’re starting out with a dry pan and it’s much more likely to stick. Once you’ve cooked your first one your pan’s sufficiently greased so you just need to top it up a bit.


Et voila!


Let me know if you give this recipe a go! Did it work for you?



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